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Reading Recommendations

Mrs. Peterson’s January Reads


“Cinder” Book 1 of The Lunar Chronicles

  • Took me a bit to get into it but after about 4 chapters I was hooked! A futuristic spin on the Cinderella story.  She’s smart, brave, and the only one who can save the Prince and Earth!

“Scarlet” Book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles

  • Even better than Cinder! Little Red Riding Hood is searching for her grandmother, who is not your typical “granny”.  She eventually joins up with Cinder!

“Cress”  Book 3 of The Lunar Chronicles

  • Loved it maybe best of all so far! Cinder and Scarlet are joined by Cress (aka Rapunzel) A computer whiz that is imprisoned in a satellite.
Mrs. Peterson’s Summer Reads 2019

“Saving Winslow” By Sharon Creech

  • Super sweet story!  Loved it! This is a quick read. Louie does his best to nurse a sick newborn donkey back to health.  Everyone thinks Winslow, the donkey, won’t make it but Louie’s new friend, Nora is certain he will be okay! This was a sweet story of friendship and determination!

“Long Way Down” By Jason Reynolds

  • Wow! this book takes off and just keeps moving! Will’s brother is killed in a drive by shooting.  Will is determined to follow the “rules” and get payback.  As he rides down the elevator in his apartment building on his way to get revenge for his brother’s death, people get on at each floor…people who will try to influence his decision… people from his past…ghosts from his past.  Will’s final decision is a cliffhanger right up until the last page.


“The Summer I Turned Pretty” (Trilogy) By Jenny Han

  • Such a fun summer romance read!  Love all three books.  They follow Belly (Isabella) who looks forward to each summer she spends on the ocean with her family and another family. She cant wait to see the boys that Belly has known forever—they have been her brother figures, her crushes, and everything in between. But one summer, one terrible and wonderful summer, the more everything changes, the more it all ends up just the way it should have been all along. The trilogy follows Belly as she grow up from a kid to teenage girl and it follows her crushes on Conrad and Jeremiah. If you like Romance books….definitely check out these books!


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