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Mrs. Peterson’s January Reads


“Cinder” Book 1 of The Lunar Chronicles

  • Took me a bit to get into it but after about 4 chapters I was hooked! A futuristic spin on the Cinderella story.  She’s smart, brave, and the only one who can save the Prince and Earth!

“Scarlet” Book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles

  • Even better than Cinder! Little Red Riding Hood is searching for her grandmother, who is not your typical “granny”.  She eventually joins up with Cinder!

“Cress”  Book 3 of The Lunar Chronicles

  • Loved it maybe best of all so far! Cinder and Scarlet are joined by Cress (aka Rapunzel) A computer whiz that is imprisoned in a satellite.

More to come!

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