Tara Patterson

Welcome to Tara Patterson’s School District Web Page. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the Read 180 Program at C.R. Anderson Middle School. My email address is tpatterson@helenaschools.org and phone number is 324-2844.

I was born and raised in Bozeman Montana. Helena became my new home when I moved to attend Carroll College. I was hired to work for the Helena School District upon graduating. I love Helena and teaching at CRA is definitely a true passion of mine.

I have two little girls and I enjoy spending quality time with them when I can. They are growing rapidly, and I am trying to enjoy every minute with them! They love to swim and boat in the summer. Sledding and hanging Christmas lights are favorite winter past times. They also LOVE watching the iPad at home!

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Read 180 Classes

Read 180 classes are for students that are not quite ready for a regular English class. This is our intervention class that is meant to bridge the gap that students have in reading. There are 1-hour and 2-hour class options depending on what the student’s individual needs are. Read 180 is an individualized program comprised of 4 sections: whole group, computer, small group, and independent reading. These sections are between 10-20 minute blocks, which allows students to move at least every 20 minutes. This helps with maintaining focus and allows for maximum learning potential to occur. This program focuses on the specific skills that students are lacking. It also fast tracks them when they are tested on a skill that they have already mastered. This provides for the most efficient use of the student’s time. Eventually, it is our hope that students make enough progress that they can attend a regular English class.


Tara Patterson's Schedule

  • Period 1

    Read 180 7th/8th grade

  • Period 2

    Read 180 6th grade

  • Period 3

    Read 180 7th/8th grade

  • Period 4

    Read 180 6th grade

  • Period 5


  • Period 6

    Read 180 6th grade

  • Period 7