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Welcome to C R Anderson Middle School 7th Grade English!  I am Miss Miller. This is my second year teaching at CRA and eighth overall year of teaching.  After graduating from Carroll College (GO SAINTS!) in 2012, I moved to Boise, Idaho to teach fourth grade.  Realizing how great Montana is, my homesickness brought me back to Helena where I get to spend time with my parents, grandparents, and siblings who are all in town, or close by in Bozeman and Missoula! When I moved home, I taught fourth grade at Jefferson Elementary School for five years. After teaching several years, I obtained my Master’s Degree from Western Governor’s University in Learning and Technology.

I have high expectations for each student in my class.  Students should also have high expectations of me!  I am confident each year that my students teach me just as much as I teach them.  To best help your students through this experience and to give them the best chance to be successful, please encourage your child to read every night for at least twenty minutes.  Encourage them to try their best and portray an attitude that school is worthwhile!  Let’s have a great year!

Posted on April 8, 2020

Online Learning Update #8

Good morning,
Here is your new homework assignment for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday:
Please read through the PowerPoint presentation about dialogue that was attached to the last email I sent. You may want to take notes as you work through the presentation. When you are done, please email me FIVE things you learned about dialogue from the presentation. The five things you learned are DUE FRIDAY by the end of the day! Be sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar when you email your ENGLISH teacher 🙂
I will send another email Monday night or Tuesday morning updating you on next week’s assignments because we don’t have “school” on Monday! Please make sure you are checking PowerSchool to see what you are missing for English. A LOT of you have not turned in your Uprising short-constructed responses or your narrative. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to schedule a time to meet via TEAMS. Have a great day!
Miss Miller
Posted on April 6, 2020

Online Learning Update #7

Welcome to fourth quarter of 7th grade English!
I hope you all had a great spring break and were able to spend some time relaxing with your families. Your Uprising narratives (stories) are due to my by the end of the day Tuesday. I am giving you an EXTRA day to finish these 🙂 You can either share this with me through word online or email it! I will be updating my gradebook today, so be sure to check PowerSchool to see what your grade in English is for the 3rd quarter as well as what you might be missing for the fourth quarter.
Watch this for a look at the rest of this week!
Miss Miller
Posted on March 27, 2020

Happy Friday and SPRING BREAK!

Happy Friday and SPRING BREAK!
I appreciate all of the hard work that you are doing at home to stay connected to me and to school. I know that this is a stressful time, but we are all in this together!
As far as grades go, your grade for the third quarter will be what your grade was the last day we had school in the classroom. The work we have done since school has been online will all be a part of your fourth quarter grade. The grades are not entered yet in powerschool because I have to wait for the fourth quarter to start before I can enter anything! If you have any questions about this, please ask!
There is no new homework for today! You should have turned in your google form quiz and your Uprising  short-constructed responses already. If you have not, you need to turn these is as soon as you can!
You have the entire spring break to work on your Triangle Factory Fire narrative story. These must be emailed to me by Tuesday, April 7th. 
I will send out another email on the Monday after spring break to let you know what we will be doing next.
Over the break, please spend time relaxing with your families without the pressure of checking your email 🙂 Perhaps also over this break, spend time looking for all the good that is in the world! I certainly see the good in all of you.  Thank you all for helping me these past few weeks! Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. Have a great day and week!
Miss Miller
Posted on March 25, 2020

Online Learning Update #6

Happy Wednesday!
Make sure you email me your Uprising responses if you have not already done so. These were due yesterday!
Here is your homework for the rest of this week:
You have read several stories about the Triangle Factory Fire (Flesh and Blood so Cheap/Uprising). You need to write a realistic fiction story about this event. Basically, you are writing a made-up short story that has realistic details and facts about being in the fire!  For your story, imagine that you were a person who experienced the Triangle Factory Fire. When writing your story, find ways to use information and details about the fire and that time in history. Make sure you develop your character(s), the setting, and the plot, using details and descriptions where appropriate. Your story can not be longer than 500 words, so it will be fairly short.
Please type your story in Word Online. Make sure to include a title!
HINT: IF you are stuck, pick a character from Uprising and write from that person’s point of view. You can write about what happens to this person after the fire or about this person’s life before the fire. If the person you pick, dies in the fire, you may not just say: I died, the end. You need to make up a story about what happened to that person’s family or friends. YOU MAY USE THE ONLINE BOOK TO HELP YOU!
HINT 2: Use as many personal pronouns as you would like! This is a story 🙂 
HINT 3: Plan out your story first using the BME Chart. This is on my website under the documents section and is called the Narrative Writing Cheat Sheet.
This won’t be due until Monday, April 6, so you have a lot of time to do this. I would say only spend ten or fifteen minutes a day doing this assignment. Please be sure to email me if you are stuck or have any questions. Remember, this is not a huge assignment you have to do in one night. You have over a week to work on this!
I will send out information on how to submit this to me for grading when I find out more information about whether or not we will be back in school! I miss you all!
Miss Miller
Posted on March 24, 2020

Online Learning Update #5

Happy Tuesday,
Your Uprising questions are due to me today by the end of the day (midnight) along with the scores! If you have any questions please let me know.
I will send an email tomorrow morning with your next assignment!
In the meantime…
Have a good day!
Miss Miller
Posted on March 22, 2020

Online Learning Update # 4

Good morning,

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are doing your best to stay home! I read a great book yesterday and would definitely recommend it: The Boy at the Top of the Mountain by John Boyne.

Students: By now, your short-constructed responses for Uprising should be finished.

Your homework for Monday and Tuesday this week is to use to perfect your answers. To do this, you will submit each short-constructed response question to individually. If you are not sure how to use this website, please watch my YouTube tutorial:

You will need to use the feedback from the site to edit and revise each response so that you are getting at least an 80% on the questions. Ideally, you would all get 100% on every question! You may need to make corrections and re-submit your answers to the site to see your new grade. Please make sure to write down your score at the end of every short-constructed response question so I know what score this site assigned.

Once you have made every short-constructed response answer as perfect as possible,  and have included the score in your answer, please share these documents to me through word online/email. THESE NEED TO BE SHARED TO ME BY THE END OF THE DAY TUESDAY, MARCH 24. THESE WILL BE A GRADE IN POWERSCHOOL.

I will be reading your responses too and not just using the grades you receive from I am having you complete this activity so that you know this tool exists and that this is something you can use to improve all of your writing before you turn it in to teachers.

There will not be a learning update for Monday or Tuesday as this is what you should be working on these days. I will send another email with your assignment for the rest of the week on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Let me know if you have any questions! I miss you all and hope you are hanging in there!

Miss Miller



Posted on March 20, 2020

Online Learning Update #3

Hello all,

No long email from me today, just watch this:

Miss Miller’s YouTube

Posted on March 19, 2020

Online Learning Update #2

Good morning everyone!

Before you do anything else today, please stop and take a deep breath. Then, do ten jumping jacks! A lot of you mentioned on your google form quiz that you are feeling confused. It will get easier the more we do this, so stick with it and be sure to email me if I can help in any way.

Students: No new homework. Please complete the google form quiz if you have not already done so. Please make sure you are working on your Uprising  questions. These need to be finished by Friday, but will not be turned in until Tuesday! You need to have them finished by Friday so that you can use your finished questions for the next steps in the assignment Monday and Tuesday. Your final responses will be shared with me on TUESDAY.

Please make sure you are reading and doing your March journal. If you lost your journal, every day write a little bit about what you did that day and how you felt. This will be interesting to read in twenty years!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Be on the lookout for more YouTube updates! Thanks for the follows on TikTok! @missmillercra

Miss Miller

Posted on March 18, 2020

Online Learning Update #1

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy! This has been a wild experience, but I am learning a lot and an open to the challenge. I hope you are too!

If you need to reach me at any time, please be sure to email me, sent me a chat on Microsoft Teams, or find my TikTok account (yes, I made a TikTok account knowing that my students will be on their social media more than their email and am willing to risk being made fun of if it means staying in contact with my awesome students!) My TikTok name is missmillercra.

My set office hours will be from 9:30-3:30. Please contact me at any time if you need help, support, or just someone to talk to.

Students: You have a homework assignment that is due FRIDAY! Please check your email and fill out the google form quiz that I sent to you. This is a grade and will be entered into PowerSchool.

You also need to make sure that your short-constructed response questions are done for the story Uprising. This assignment will be due on Tuesday! These questions are posted on my website under the Documents section and are titled Uprising Questions. The story Uprising is in our online textbook Collections. The link to this textbook is under the Links Section and is titled Collections Book (username hsd and ID number) (password ID number). Example: hsd123456 (username) 123456 (password). Our story is in Collection 6 and starts on page 283. Do not send me these questions as you will be revising and editing your responses on Monday and Tuesday.

I will be sending daily emails and posting updates on my website with more detailed instructions for the day’s work. Please don’t stress about online learning, we are all in this together and I am here to help!


Miss Miller

Posted on March 16, 2020

Tentative Remote Learning Schedule

Hi Wild Side Team,

What a whirlwind of a weekend! These are definitely unprecedented times. I promise I will do my absolute best to maintain contact with all of you over the next few weeks and will be available to help your children stay on track with English. However strange this time is, I do think that this is a great opportunity to let your kids be kids and an opportunity to show them that education and learning does not have to take place within the four walls of my classroom. Hopefully we can all learn some valuable real-life lessons during this time!

My plan for maintaining contact is to post information and lessons to my website and through email communication. Please be prepared for this to change as teachers and administrators learn new information.



Below is a schedule for the following weeks of remote instruction:

March 16-18: Time for teachers to plan online instruction. MAKE SURE YOU ARE READING EVERY DAY AND COMPLETING YOUR MARCH JOURNAL.

March 19: Finish the short-constructed responses regarding Uprising. Please access our online textbook for support. The questions are posted on my website as is the link to access the textbook.

March 20: Finish the short-constructed responses regarding Uprising.

March 23: In order to receive help with editing and revising your responses before submitting them for grading, please visit: and submit each of your questions for review. There is a link to this under the Links section on my website. Once each question has been looked at by this website, please make appropriate changes. Your goal should be to receive at least at 80 percent grade on the paperrater website. For more information on how to use this website, please see the link on my website to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! 😊

March 24: Finish correcting each short-constructed response via When you are finished, please email me your short-constructed responses along with the grade for each response according to I will send feedback!

March 25: Today, you will begin writing a narrative about the Triangle Factory Fire. Remember to use your narrative cheat sheet! If you don’t have yours, please see my website link about narrative writing or a BME Chart. This link is under the Documents section on my website. Your prompt: Pretend you were a worker on the 8th floor of the Triangle Factory Fire, write a short narrative (500 words or less) about your experience during this tragic event.  Remember that this narrative should include historically accurate information and should be realistic. Your narrative will be shared in class when class resumes or via email depending on the district’s school closure policy. If you need support, please be sure to email me as often as you need!

March 26: Time to write your narrative. Please be sure to follow the BME Chart and email me if you have questions.

March 27: Time to write your narrative. Please be sure to follow the BME Chart and email me if you have questions.

March 30-April 3: Spring Break. HAVE SOME FUN! Please be prepared to share your narratives on Monday either in person or via email depending on the district’s school closure policy.

Period 1- English

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This is a great time for parents to reach out if they have any questions or concerns.

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