Karen Sprott

Welcome to Ms. Sprott’s Life Skills class. We will be developing and improving significant and impactful Life Skills over the course of 18 weeks.  This class is set up to be a hands on classroom with projects utilizing the skills learned. 

The mission of Family and Consumer Sciences Education is to prepare students for family life, work life, and careers in Family and Consumer Sciences by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for:

  • Strengthening the wellbeing of individuals and families across the life span
  • Becoming responsible citizens and leader in family , community and work settings
  • Promoting optimal nutrition and wellness across the life span
  • Managing resources to meet the material needs of individuals and families
  • Balancing personal, home, family and work life
  • Using critical and creative thinking skills to address problems in diverse family, community and work environments
  • Successful life management, employment and career development
  • Function effectively as providers and consumers of goods and services
  • Appreciation human worth and accepting responsibility for one’s actions
  • Success in family and work life.

TEXTBOOKS: Glencoe: Teen health series, and Building Life Skills Series

Life Skills

Welcome to Life Skills class! We will be introducing lots of personal/practical skills necessary  in our busy lives today.  We cover many units such as:

1)Etiquette- Social media and our society

2)Family dynamics, Friends,  & Peer Pressure

3) Communication- Verbal and Nonverbal

4) Kitchen Safety & Measurement

5) Food Safety

6) Microwaves

7)Personal Finance

8) Careers

9) Job Application and the Interview process

Hello and welcome to our Life Skills class. For the next 18 weeks we will be diving into lots of impactful skills that each of you will use in your daily life or future!  This course covers lots of different units at a fast pace. We will start off with Etiquette/Manners in our busy technology enhanced world.  First impressions are really important and we will be discussing how to make a positive one.  We will look into Family and friend dynamics and how to use refusal skills for personal safety.  One favorite of class is our foods unit covering kitchen safety, recipe creations, food safety and yes, knife safety.  Safety first is a motto for this class!  After the foods unit, we move on to Money management, finding your first job, how to fill out an application and  passing the job interview. Finally, a career job project is our final accomplishment.  I’m looking forward to having your energy and excitement in class.  Here’s to an awesomely amazing year! Welcome back to school!

Upcoming Events

  • September 4, 2018 - September 11, 2015

    Etiquette week- Modern Manners in Society and Technology

Karen Sprott's Schedule

  • 805-856 am

    1st period

  • 901-952 am

    2nd period

  • 1052-1048 am

    3rd period

  • 1053-1144 am

    4th prep period

  • 1149-1219 pm


  • 103-154 pm

    6th period

  • 159-250 pm

    7th period

  • 300-500 pm

    SEWING CLUB- First two Tuesdays of each month