Mr. Cleary

Welcome to Mr. Cleary’s School District Page! As always, feel free to contact Mr. Cleary with any questions you have about his classes or music at C.R. Anderson Middle School.

Everyone is also encouraged to follow the C.R. Anderson Middle School Music Facebook page to hear about news in the music department!

C.R.A. Music Department

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Welcome to the Music Department at C.R. Anderson Middle School.  We have assembled a few resources for every musician at C.R.A., but feel free to email or call a music teacher if your questions don’t get answered here.  We look forward to working with everyone this school year!

• Pledge Drive!


Welcome to the Orchestra Program and C.R. Anderson Middle School. Mr. Cleary has assembled a wide variety of resources on this page to help you throughout the school year. Please contact him with questions and enjoy another fantastic year of Orchestra!

• Daily Class Assignments

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• Music Festivals

• Helena Youth Orchestra

If you are looking for information on the Helena Youth Orchestra, their website and Facebook feed are both excellent resources. Contact Mr. Cleary if you have any questions!

• Last Chance Music Camp

Although it is under construction, the new Last Chance Music Camp webpage (linked below) is where you can find information about this unique and exceptional summer music opportunity right here in Helena. We hope to see you in 2018!

Music and Technology

Welcome to C.R. Anderson Middle School’s Music and Technology Class. This unique eighth grade program has undergone many changes since it was created in 2006, and it has become a place for serious musicians to explore a side of music different from that offered in traditional performing ensembles.

Unfortunately, scheduling limitations in 2017-2018 have made it impossible to offer the class. Last year’s information will stay posted in the hopes that it will prove beneficial if you are getting to know what this class has to offer.

• Daily Class Assignments

MET Live in Schools

The Helena School District’s partnership with the Metropolitan Opera Company (in the groundbreaking Live in Schools program) enters its tenth season this school year!  Any teacher or student interested in participating in the program can contact one of the team coordinators to get information or reserve opera tickets.

Mr. Cleary – C.R. Anderson Middle School

Mr. Holter – Helena High School

Mr. Reiter – Helena Middle School

Mr. Anderberg – Capital High School

Mrs. Anderberg – Hawthorne Elementary School

Mr. Harris – Helena and Capital High Schools

Ms. Newton – C.R. Anderson Middle School


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Mr. Cleary's Schedule

  • 8:05-8:51 (M) 8:05-8:56 (T-F)

    6th Grade Orchestra

  • 8:56-9:42 (M) 9:01-9:52 (T-F)

    6th Grade Orchestra

  • B Days - 9:47-10:33 (M) 9:57-10:48 (T-F)

    7th Grade Orchestra

  • B Days - 10:38-11:24 (M) 10:53-11:44 (T-F)

    7th Grade Orchestra

  • A Days - 10:38-11:24 (M) 10:53-11:44 (T-F)

    7th Grade Orchestra

  • 11:29-11:59 (M) 11:49-12:19 (T-F)

    7th Grade Advisor

  • A Days - 12:38-1:24 (M) 1:03-1:54 (T-F)

    8th Grade Orchestra

  • B Days - 1:29-2:15 (M) 1:59-2:50 (T-F)

    8th Grade Chamber Orchestra

  • A Days - 1:29-2:15 (M) 1:59-2:50 (T-F)

    8th Grade Orchestra