Ms. Judy Ziegler

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This year, I am teaching 6th grade English Language Arts (ELA) as well as 8th grade ELA. I am looking forward to a great year with those students who are just beginning their middle school journey and with those who are in the last year of middle school. It should be a fun and interesting year for me and I hope the students will say the same!

8th Grade English Language Arts

The focus this year is on skills that will help the student be successful in high school. Students will become more proficient in writing multi-paragraph essays. These essays include personal narrative, argumentative essays, and informational essays. The texts that are read in class will encourage students to think deeply and help foster higher level thinking skills. Many of the readings will be related to topics that are read studied in Social Studies. For example, when studying the Civil War in Social Studies, students will read more in depth about Harriet Tubman, Lincoln and Frederick Douglass in English.  Students will also have opportunities to present formal speeches to the class.

Ms. Judy Ziegler's Schedule

  • Period 1

    8th Grade ELA/Read 180

  • Period 2

    8th Grade ELA

  • Period 3

    8th Grade ELA

  • Period 4

    6th Grade ELA

  • Lunch

    6th Grade

  • Advisor

    6th Grade

  • Period 6

    6th Grade ELA

  • Period 7

    Teacher Prep