Jillian Newton

Hello! Welcome to Ms. Newton’s school website!

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Helena School District Middle School Music Calendar (powered by google):

Upcoming Events

  • May 19, 2018

    The MET: Live in Schools Celebration Brunch

    10:00 AM at Benny’s Bistro

    The MET: Live in Schools will be celebrating another successful opera season with an end-of-year brunch on Saturday, May 19th!

    Come and enjoy some delicious food, hang out with fellow opera lovers, and participate in activities with the chance to earn awesome Metropolitan Opera certified prizes!


    RSVP to Kevin Cleary – kcleary@helenaschools.org.

    This brunch is organized and presented by music teachers from the Helena School District.

  • May 24, 2018

    Spring Choir Festival

    Our final choir concert of the year will be Thursday, May 24th! Each student in a Ms. Newton’s choir classes will perform with all of the other CRA students in 7th grade choir.

    This is a fun opportunity for parents to see the culmination of all of the hard work these students have put in this year!

    Who: All 7th grade choir students at CRA!

    What: The final official choir performance that is part of their grade for the year.

    When: Thursday, May 24th; 1:30 PM – please note the earlier start time!

    Where: Helena Middle School Auditorium

    Why: All of our music classes have a performance element! An essential aspect of being in choir is learning how to perform and present a concert. The Spring Choir Festival is also unique because of the festival format – students will meet with all 7th grade choir singers – 150 in all, rehearse all morning, take breaks for lunch and snacks, and put on a show that afternoon!

    Special Announcement: For the festival, we will be bringing in a guest clinician, Capital High School Choir Director – Thomas Baty. We are thrilled for the students to have an opportunity to work with him and get a glimpse of what choir class will be like when they get to high school!

Jillian Newton's Schedule

  • 3rd Period A Days - 9:47 - 10:33 (M); 9:57 - 10:48 (T-F)

    7th Grade Choir

  • 4th Period A Days - 10:38 - 11:24 (M); 10:53 - 11:44 (T-F)

    7th Grade Orchestra/Band Assistant

  • 3rd Period B Days - 9:47 - 10:33 (M); 9:57 - 10:48 (T-F)

    7th Grade Orchestra/Band Assistant

  • 4th Period B Days - 10:38 - 11:24 (M); 10:53 - 11:44 (T-F)

    7th Grade Choir