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Observing sand grains under a microscope.

Welcome to 6th grade science on the Sapphire team! I’ve been teaching middle and high school science for more than 20 years! I grew up on a farm in northern Michigan and moved to Montana with my husband and kids in 2002. I earned a B.S. in Earth Science/Geography with teacher certification in Secondary Education from Michigan State University and an M.S. in Science Education from Montana State University. (I only attend MSU’s- ha!) I’m passionate about Earth Science and middle school is my absolute favorite level to teach. Can’t wait to dig into some science with you!signature

Nature of Science

I can identify and use a variety of methods/processes and tools to make measurements and observations.

I can develop an explanation w/ evidence for a proposed solution to a science/engineering problem.

I can evaluate different solutions to determine how well they meet the criteria/constraints.


The Earth System/Plate Tectonics/Rock and Mineral Resources

Unit 3

I can give examples of the interactions between Earth’s four spheres.

I can make a model of to show Earth’s interior.

I can explain how temperature affects the density of particles.

I can illustrate and explain how energy cycles from Earth’s core to the crust.

Unit 4

I can use evidence from fossils and rocks to explain plate tectonics

I can use evidence from continental shapes to explain plate tectonics.

I can use evidence from seafloor spreading to explain plate tectonics.

I can describe how Earth’s surface is continuously changed by plate movement.

Unit 5

I can develop a model to show how rocks are recycled.

I can identify the source of energy that drives the rock cycle.

I can explain why minerals are found in clusters around the globe.


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