Chris Helseth

Welcome to the Choir Department at C.R. Anderson Middle School with Mr. Helseth. Below is the Middle School Concert Calendar.  The calendar has all of the Helena Public Schools Concerts and Festival including all CRA Choir events and times.

Welcome to CRA Choir!

Chris Helseth – 324-2821

Karen McLean – 324-2823


Class Expectations


  1. Arrival – Be in your seat on time, with your required materials
  2. Participation – Be ready to sing and move when you enter class.
  3. Anything chewable (gum, candy, etc.) is NOT allowed in Choir.
  4. Memorization – All concert music must be memorized. Students will be given text study guides to assist in this process.
  5. Respect is shown with facial expressions, tone of voice and words treating others the way we would want to be treated.
  6. Concerts – Attend and participate in all concert activities.
  7. Required Materials: Headphones, pencil, notebook, folder and Textbook Supplement(Provided).



Daily Participation Rubric – 15 points earned weekly:

15(A) Exemplary effort showing leadership as a singer and Choir member

14(A-) Good effort of singing out with a good attitude

13(B) Generally good effort – singing out is spotty – satisfactory attitude

12(B-) – Satisfactory effort most of the time but may have poor behavioral or attitude disruptive to a Choir Rehearsal.

11(C-) Please Note: I will put an explanatory comment for any grade below a “B” in Powerschool.

Absences: A make-up assignment will be due for 2 absences within a week.


Performance Tests:

  • Rhythm reading and singing tests are completed regularly in class
  • Students will sometimes perform in a group and will sometimes perform alone

Concerts – 50 Points

  • Students must arrive at the concert venue 15 minutes before the concert begins
  • Students must wear appropriate concert attire
    • Ladies: Dresses or skirts or dress pants (no denim), dress shirt or top with sleeves and dress shoes.
    • Gentlemen: Dress pants (no denim), button down dress shirt, and dress shoes.

Students must stay at the concert until all ensembles have finished performing.

Required Materials: Headphones, Pencil, notebook (Notebook Folder) and Supplemental Text. Each Choir Student will receive a Supplemental Text Book that is the students’ responsibility to keep and use for class and homework assignments.

Concerts 2015-2016



November 19th – 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Chorus & VOT

Helena Middle School Auditorium

6th grades             6 p.m.

7th grades             7 p.m.

8th Grades & VOT   8 p.m.



February 18th

Helena Middle School Auditorium

6th grade                6 p.m.

7th grade               7 p.m.

8th grade and VOT         8 p.m.



May 12 –6th Grade Spring Concert

Helena Middle School Auditorium

6th Grade              6 p.m.


May 19th – 7th Grade Spring Concert

Helena Middle School Auditorium

7th Grade (Cleary)          1:15 p.m.


May 31th

Helena Middle School Auditorium

8th Grade Popular Music Concert – 1:45p.m.

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Chris Helseth's Schedule

  • 8:05-8:51 (M) 8:05-8:56 (T-F)

    6th Grade Choir

  • 8:56-9:42 (M) 9:01-9:52 (T-F)

    6th Grade Choir

  • 9:47-10:33 (M) 9:57-10:58 (T-F)

    7th Grade Choir

  • 10:38-11:24 (M) 10:53-11:44 (T-F)

    A Day - Prep B Day - 7th Grade Choir

  • 11:24-12:03 (M) 11:44-12:23 (T-F)


  • 12:03-12:33 (M) 12:28-12:58 (T-F)

    6th Grade Advisor Class

  • 12:28-1:24 (M) 1:03-1:54 (T-F)

    A Day - 8th Grade Choir B Day - Prep

  • 1:29-2:15 (M) 1:59-2:50 (T-F)

    8th Grade Choir

  • 2:15 to 3:25 (M) PLC