Mr. Helseth

Welcome to the Choral Department at C.R. Anderson Middle School!

Choir Concerts 2018-19

All concerts are graded:  50 points

Students must arrive at the HMS Auditorium 15 minutes before the concert begins.

Students must wear appropriate concert attire:

  • Ladies: Dresses or skirts or dress pants (no denim), dress shirt or top (midriffs covered) with sleeves and dress shoes.
  • Gentlemen: Dress pants (no denim), button down dress shirt, and dress shoes.

Students must stay at their grade level concert until all ensembles have finished performing.

February 28th – 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Choir & VOT

Helena Middle School Auditorium

6th grades              6 p.m.

7th grades              7 p.m.

8th Grades & VOT   8 p.m.


May 9th –6th Grade Spring Choir Concert

Helena Middle School Auditorium

6th Grade                6 p.m.


May 23rd – 7th Grade Choir Festival – 1:30pm

Helena Middle School Auditorium


May 29th – 8th Grade Popular Music Concert – 1:45pm

Helena Middle School Auditorium

Upcoming Events


    Location: Helena Middle School Auditorum

    6PM – 6th Grade Choirs (5:45 Call)
    7PM – 7th Grade Choirs (6:45 Call)
    8PM – 8th Grade Choir and VOT (7:34 Call)

Mr. Helseth's Schedule

  • (M)8:05-8:51 (T-F)8:05-8:56

    6th Grade Choir

  • (M)8:56-9:42 (T-F)9:01-9:52

    6th Grade Choir

  • (M)9:47-10:33 (T-F)9:57-10:58

    7th Grade Choir

  • (M)10:38-11:24 (T-F)10:53-11:44

    7th Grade Choir

  • (M)11:24-12:03 (T-F)11:44-12:19


  • (M)12:03-12:33 (T-F)12:24-12:54

    6th Grade Advisor Class

  • (M)12:38-1:24 (T-F)12:59-1:54

    B Day 8th Grade Choir - A Day Prep

  • (M)1:29-2:15 (T-F)1:59-2:50

    A Day 8th Grade Choir - B Day Prep

  • (M)2:15 to 3:25 PLC