Mr. Helseth – CRA Choir

Welcome to the Choral Department at C.R. Anderson Middle School!


I will continue to update the CRA Choir Page for general announcements to keep you informed of on-line Choir Class work and activities.

Absence Make-up work Questions:  If you notice that you have make-up work due for absences (in the Grade Book through Week 7 (last week), you can access the assignments here and email them to me.  You can simply put them right into the email – you do not have to attach a word document.  Remember, to carefully read the directions on the make-up assignment.

Grade Book:  The only concerns you should have about points in the grade book should be any kind of make-up work that is outstanding.  This is mainly  Absence Make-up work from when school was still in session for Quarter 3.  Any other kinds of make-up you can discuss with me on an email message.

CRA Choir Shout Out Email:  If you have not yet responded to my first email, you should!  I have made it a 5 point extra credit assignment!  I will continue to send out announcements to grade level Choirs for future communication.  I can also answer Choir questions on email.

TEAMS:  This is where I am posting assignments and activities to keep you moving forward in Choir while we are all at home.  I want to try the “turn-in” option for assignments that require feedback.

Stay Connected:  In the coming weeks I will be posting sheet music and recordings for you to practice and mostly just to stay connected with the music on your own.

I miss you all already! Feel free to email me with questions – hang in there!


CRA Choir Concerts 2020

May 7th – 6th Grade Choir Concert – 6:00pm 

Helena Middle School Auditorium

May 21st – 7th Grade Choir Festival – 1:30pm

Helena Middle School Auditorium


June 3rd – 8th Grade Popular Music Concert – 1:45pm

Helena Middle School Auditorium

Upcoming Events

Mr. Helseth – CRA Choir's Schedule

  • (M)8:05-8:51 (T-F)8:05-8:56

    6th Grade Choir

  • (M)8:56-9:42 (T-F)9:01-9:52

    6th Grade Choir

  • (M)9:47-10:33 (T-F)9:57-10:58

    7th Grade Choir

  • (M)10:38-11:24 (T-F)10:53-11:44

    7th Grade Choir

  • (M)11:24-12:03 (T-F)11:44-12:19


  • (M)12:03-12:33 (T-F)12:24-12:54

    6th Grade Advisor Class

  • (M)12:38-1:24 (T-F)12:59-1:54

    B Day 8th Grade Choir - A Day Prep

  • (M)1:29-2:15 (T-F)1:59-2:50

    A Day 8th Grade Choir - B Day Prep

  • (M)2:15 to 3:25 PLC