8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball Information

8th-grade basketball

Practices: We start practices with teams starting on January 4th. Your child may have practice at
3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 PM. All practices are Tuesday through Friday and will remain the same all season
long. We will not be taking any requests for teams or practice times. Please be understanding and
know that not everyone will have practice time right after school.

Study Halls: We will be providing a study hall from 3:00-4:00 PM. This will be held in Mr. Christensen’s
classroom, Room 207, which is right This study hall is provided for any players who would like to stay
and do homework and have a 4:00 PM practice. We are lucky to be providing this so please
remember to have your child bring their work every day. If students have a practice at 4:00 or later
they must leave the school (if they are not participating in the study hall) and return at their
practice time. There is no other supervision available for students who stay at school. Students are
not allowed to stay in the gym to watch other practices or be in the halls.

Games: All games will be played at either at CRA or HMS. The game times will be at 3:15, 4:15, or 5:15. It is the responsibility of your child to get to their assigned gym time for the game. The school and coaches will not provide transportation to HMS. Students will typically

have games usually two times a week and then you will practice on the other days. When there are
games scheduled, students will not practice. A game schedule will be handed out after the
practices begin. The game schedule will also be posted on the school website- under CRA sports.
There is no supervision for students during basketball games or outside of their practice time.
Please only allow your child to be at CR during their scheduled game and practice times.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Sheridan at 324-2810
We are looking forward to a GREAT season of basketball!!!

8th Grade Girls Teams:

Team 1 – Coach Miller – Practice in the upper gym from 3-4          Team 3 – Coach Forsman – Practice in the upper gym from 3-4

Team 2 – Coach Clark – Practice in the upper gym from 4-5           Team 4 – Coach Sheridan – Practice in the upper gym from 4-5

8th Grade Boys Teams:

Team Christensen – Practice in lower gym from 3-4                        Team Fuzesy – Practice in lower gym from 3-4

Team Pilon – Practice in lower gym from 5-6                                   Team Fairclough – Practice in Lower gym from 4-5

Team Anifinson – Practice in lower gym from 4-5                            Team Quinn – Practice in lower gym from 5-6

Game Schedule – 8th grade basketball schedule 2022