October 14 to October 21

Happy Wednesday Wildside Team,
I hope you are all ready for a long weekend and that your children spend the time off resting, recuperating, and of course, reading.
Attached you will find our weekly plan for Thursday and Friday (NO HOMEWORK!) as well as next Monday and Tuesday. We are continuing our practice on short-constructed responses. I am impressed with the improvements in writing already this year! Writing is an essential skill, so we will continue to focus on various writing skills and techniques throughout the rest of the year.
A note about grades: Students in my class are welcome to turn in late work! If work is turned in late, I do take points off (one per each day it is late). If you ever see a 0 with a missing in the gradebook in PowerSchool, please know that this is just my way of keeping track of over 100 students in three separate cohorts. This 0 is not set in stone and will be changed as soon as work is submitted. I am always happy to negotiate with students about their grade if they are willing to put in the work. Please encourage your child to reach out if they are concerned about a grade and feel welcome to do the same. I am as flexible as possible and my goal for each child is for them to be successful in English!
As always, reach out with any comments, questions, or concerns. Have a lovely day!


Week of 10/15-10-21 7th Grade English-Miss Miller
Literacy Standard 1: I can identify and cite text evidence.

Literacy Standard 2: I can determine the central idea of a text.

Essential Standard / learning target: I can cite text evidence to support inferences and what text says specifically (RL 7.1)

I can write informative text to examine a topic (W 7.2)

I can determine the meaning of words and phrases in text (RL 7.4)


Thursday 15 ·         No school.

·         Students must read at home for twenty minutes.



Friday 16

·         No school.

·         Students must read at home for twenty minutes.


Monday 19 ·         Lesson 1 (A, B, and DLI get same lesson)

·         Students will read and annotate the article from commonlit.org.

·         This is explained further in TEAMS.

·         Students must read at home for twenty minutes.


Tuesday 20 ·         Lesson 2 (A, B, and DLI get same lesson)

·         Students will answer a short-constructed response question about yesterday’s article.

·         This assignment is due TOMORROW AT NOON.

·         Students must read at home for twenty minutes.


Wednesday 21 ·         Work completion.

·         Students have the morning to finish their short-constructed response. THIS IS DUE AT NOON.

·         Please email your teacher if you are confused or need any help!

·         Students must read at home for twenty minutes.




·         My daily office hours are from 1:40 – 2:40. I can also meet by appointment on Wednesdays. These are times when I will be available to answer questions and provide individual help and feedback.

·         More specific instructions will be posted in TEAMS each day.

·         Please reach out if you have any comments, questions, or concerns.