7th Grade English-September 14 and 15

Happy Monday Wildside Team,

If you are on this email list and do not want to be, please let me know! Sorry students, you are stuck with me and can’t request to be taken off the list! If you are a parent receiving this email and know that your student is not, please let me know. I am trying to make sure my email list is correct!

Another wonderful week at CRA. Students worked hard to complete their iReady reading assessment.

This Monday and Tuesday are the last two days of school before we will be on our “normal” schedule. That means that this Monday and Tuesday are going to be review lessons and then we will begin on Wednesday with a new weekly email and instruction. More importantly, it means I am going to stop annoying you with sporadic emails and you will start to only receive long emails from me on Wednesdays 😊

On Monday, September 14, ALL students will be completing the technology scavenger hunt. Students in school will be doing this in class. Students at home need to complete this assignment in TEAMS. It will not be posted until Monday morning!

On Tuesday, September 15, ALL students will be completing the writing assignment that is attached to this email. Students in school will be doing this in class. Students at home need to complete the assignment at home. When done, please share this with me via email!

Make sure you are checking PowerSchool to see any missing assignments.

As always, please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. Your children are amazing humans and I can’t wait to spend the year with them!


Miss Miller