7th Grade English Reminder

Happy Friday Wildside English Students!
Quick note: Make sure you are reading my emails! Sometimes, you even have to scroll down to read the entire thing 🙂 All of your instructions for last week were sent on Monday. Many times, if you have a question, I will ask you to reread the emails before I answer you. Often, the answer to your questions are already in the email! If you ever think you missed an email, you can also look on my website because the emails are posted there: 
By the end of this weekend, you need to make sure you have: 
  • finished the iReady Reading Diagnostic test, either at school or at home
  • emailed me your “I wish my teacher knew…” writing assignment
  • emailed me you “Perfect school” writing assignment
All of these things need to be turned into me by the end of the day Sunday at the very latest! Some of you will be failing English until you turn these in, just because you have not completed your work. You are welcome to turn them in for full credit. As Nike says, just do it! Do your homework!
Let me know if you need any help! Have a great weekend 🙂 
Miss Miller