Wednesday 3/25/20

Nice work Life Science students! You are doing a great job with your remote learning so far. Keep up the good work. Try to get a routine down with you school day. Checking emails, checking TEAMS, and working on your assignments.

So far in science class you have:

1)posted your favorite snack to our TEAMS page

2) Completed the COVID-19 RESEARCH TASK assignment on microsoft forms and submitted it

3) Returned to TEAMS to “turn in” your covid assignment (many of you have still not done this part, most of you have)

4) Posted one of your questions from the covid article to our teams page and replied to at least 3 other student questions.

5) Began working on the Science News For Students assignment. This assignment is due on Friday 3/26/20.

Do not be hesitant to send me an email or a chat in TEAMS with your questions. We are all in this together. Keep working hard and staying healthy physically and mentally.