Online Learning Update #6

Happy Wednesday!
Make sure you email me your Uprising responses if you have not already done so. These were due yesterday!
Here is your homework for the rest of this week:
You have read several stories about the Triangle Factory Fire (Flesh and Blood so Cheap/Uprising). You need to write a realistic fiction story about this event. Basically, you are writing a made-up short story that has realistic details and facts about being in the fire!  For your story, imagine that you were a person who experienced the Triangle Factory Fire. When writing your story, find ways to use information and details about the fire and that time in history. Make sure you develop your character(s), the setting, and the plot, using details and descriptions where appropriate. Your story can not be longer than 500 words, so it will be fairly short.
Please type your story in Word Online. Make sure to include a title!
HINT: IF you are stuck, pick a character from Uprising and write from that person’s point of view. You can write about what happens to this person after the fire or about this person’s life before the fire. If the person you pick, dies in the fire, you may not just say: I died, the end. You need to make up a story about what happened to that person’s family or friends. YOU MAY USE THE ONLINE BOOK TO HELP YOU!
HINT 2: Use as many personal pronouns as you would like! This is a story 🙂 
HINT 3: Plan out your story first using the BME Chart. This is on my website under the documents section and is called the Narrative Writing Cheat Sheet.
This won’t be due until Monday, April 6, so you have a lot of time to do this. I would say only spend ten or fifteen minutes a day doing this assignment. Please be sure to email me if you are stuck or have any questions. Remember, this is not a huge assignment you have to do in one night. You have over a week to work on this!
I will send out information on how to submit this to me for grading when I find out more information about whether or not we will be back in school! I miss you all!
Miss Miller