Summer Reads 2018

Ghost – By Jason Reynolds

This is a great quick read about a boy, Castle “Ghost” Cranshaw. He has been running ever since his dad pulled that gun on him and his mom. Even though his dad is in jail, Ghost still feels the trauma, and ends up getting into trouble a lot in middle school. He finds himself on the Defenders, an elite track team.  Ghost shoplifts a pair of running shoes that and feels immediately guilty.  Through the guidance of his coach and the other kids on the team he finds a place to fit in and begins to heal.  Wonderful story! A definite must read!

Windfall – By Jennifer E. Smith

This is a fabulous story of the lottery and love!  A fun light read about Alice who has been unlucky her whole life.  She jokingly gives a lottery ticket attached to a note, professing her love to her best friend Teddy, on his birthday. Then, the unthinkable happens: he actually wins! At first, it seems like the luckiest thing on earth. But as Teddy gets wrapped up by his new found wealth and fame. It starts to tear them apart. This was a really fun read!  Check it out!