CRA Off-Campus Emergency Evacuation

All students participated in our annual evacuation drill to our Off-Campus Emergency Evacuation Sites. We practice this drill in case there would be a situation where our students cannot stay in the building or need to leave the building due to an emergency.
The following are the locations our student would evacuate to:
-6th grade and special needs: Calvary Baptist Church, 1225 Knight St.-across the street from CRA
-7th grade: Headwaters Covenant Church, 1030 Choteau St. (formerly Alliance Church)
-8th grade: Alliance Church, 1400 Stuart St. (formerly Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church)
If CRA would need to evacuate the building and could not return we would put into use our all school In-Touch notification system. This is the same system that is used for our attendance calling/emailing. You would receive a call and/or email letting you know the situation and the location of the grade levels.
We hope to not use these Off-Campus sites, but if we need to, we are prepared and ready.
Thank you to the churches and their staff members for allowing our students into their buildings!