Mr. Campbell’s Corner – February

Student Safety Concerns

I would like to bring up a concern about traffic safety before and after school. Our primary concerns are the students’ safety. If we take extra time and precautions around the school then we can prevent a tragedy. Here are a few basic reminders for parents:

  • Slow Down, when driving around the school, be aware of the posted speed limit.
  • Be perceptive, students aren’t always aware of their surroundings. Follow all traffic rules;
    please be especially aware of crosswalks.

And for the students:

  • Cross the streets only at cross walks, follow pedestrian’s rules. Be aware of your surroundings, watch for cars.

We are all busy, but please take the time to make sure that your child and other students are safe around the school. We can make this a safer environment and our goal is that no one is injured. Also, please be aware of the parking areas and our handicapped zones. Many times vehicles are parked in the loading zone and handicapped zones which are clearly marked “No Parking”.
Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for February 3rd and 4th.

Thank you,
Bruce Campbell
CRA Principal
Reminder to all: LATEX BALLOONS are NOT allowed in any district building due to latex allergies of students and staff.

If your student is to be absent from school due to sickness, an appointment or any other reason, please let the school know by calling our attendance line at 324-2802. You may leave a message 24 hours a day 7 days a week.